Come join Jeremy, Richard, and Abby as they share their experiences (and crazy antics) searching for deals, putting in the work, and seeing each project through from beginning to end. 

Episode 4: The Kicks Work!

Jeremy and Richard volunteer to make some needed improvements for the buyer of our Malone Wholesale deal, and the Champions flip is coming along BEAUTIFULLY! You can count how many times Jeremy's phone falls during filming and of course you can't have demo without those oh-so-effective kicks!

Episode 3: Rocky the Squirrel

Jeremy and Richard continue demolition on the Champions Flip, do recon on a house with a very interesting history, and help out a buyer from one of our wholesale deals that needs a new floor (without any proper tools, of course.)

Episode 2: Want Me To Judi Kick It?

In this episode of East Texas Flippers you get everything from judi-kicks to graffiti as Jeremy and Richard drive for dollars, tweak our Woodhue flip to meet FHA requirements, and begin demolition on our latest flip.

Episode 1: Theatrics